The secret to creating a magnetic brand is owning your story — knowing exactly who you are, who your audience is, and where you're taking them. Passionate, authentic businesses build passionate, authentic communities. When you define your brand and tell a compelling story with your marketing, you'll reach more people, make more sales, and grow your business from the inside out.

Get clear and confident on who you are, and what your customers want. I'll help you gain the framework and tools to tell a compelling story that moves people — both your team, and your audience — to action.

Position your brand for success with your ideal audience

Cut through the noise (and set your brand apart, even in a crowded market) by identifying the one thing you want to be known for.

Speak your customer’s language

By getting into the mind of your customers, you'll learn the power of telling a compelling story that captures their emotions.

Let your difference shine

Your business is unique. Discover how to identify your key strengths, and use them to your greatest advantage. 

Develop an intuitive marketing strategy to help you succeed

Both small businesses and big ones need a marketing strategy — and you already have the tools to create one. The secret is in your brand.

Tell a clear and consistent story in all your communications

Get everyone on the same page, and telling the same story, from elevator pitch to website copy to marketing materials (and beyond!).

Create a confident, wholehearted brand

By defining your identity, destiny, and community, you'll give shape to the unique story that captures the essence of your business and makes your brand irresistible.

Are you ready to tell a better story with your brand?

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Read what some of our clients have to say about their work with Luminary.


Luminary helped us set the foundation for our business identity, by clarifying our mission and aligning it with our core values. The result is a blueprint for our authentic voice. We know trustworthiness is a critical building block with each customer relationship, and today that voice empowers us to clearly and confidently speak in terms our customers understand and — most importantly — trust.

Brian Kearns
Founder, HipHire

My brand is cohesive — visually and verbally — for the first time.

Rochelle Williams
Founder & Principal Consultant, Gather Strategy and Engagement

I felt like I invited a partner in to help my business succeed, rather than hiring a branding agent to give me some keywords and a logo. Erin made the process of defining the intangible fun and gratifying. I almost want to start another business so I can go through the process again!

Beau Martin
Owner, Legacy Home Repair